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❶That's not what they are to me. Hull, a, and Priest, D.

Writing an Essay about Veterans

Veterans Day 2018 Essay Contest:

The main body should then provide the supporting evidence or discussion around our subject. This would normally be a single paragraph for each subject area under discussion with about 4 or 5 paragraphs usually sufficient for most essays. The conclusion should then summarize what you have shown within the main body without the introduction of any new information and then relate it back to any thesis or argument that you made within the introduction.

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Through our service you can be sure of the very best essay about veterans. I am happy with the revision. The services that are offered by WriteMyEssay. It is very important to clearly reference an assignment written by WriteMyEssay. In case you used our services but do not have an account yet, please choose ' I am a new customer ' option on the order page. Thank you for understanding! Please, enter email address. There are some who never fully recover their mental or physical capacities, aside from those who have been unalterably handicapped for life.

Quality of life becomes another factor, as well as debilitating stress on family. It is therefore crucial that psychological interventions be studied regarding their influence in regards to this situation as well as assessing variables that may be adopted in order to better one's counseling practice in regards to helping veterans with PTD.

Veterans and Nursing Ethics. Veteran Health Needs Returning veterans and their families need early identification and treatment, as well as continuity of care. Both veterans and their families need early intervention. Reunification with families is a critical period, and needs to be addressed as a situation that could present specific risks for exacerbating underlying mental health issues.

Depending on the length of time of separation, the reunion of the family can be strained, and…… [Read More]. Veterans and Psychological Health.

Mental Health in Veterans What is mental Illness: Mental Illness Facts A person is said to be mentally when he finds it difficult to cope up with even mundane demands of day-to-day living activities and demands. This could be a result of either or a combination of the following: The ailments that are of a more serious nature include those like posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD , suicidal inclinations, Obsessive compulsive disorder OCD , schizophrenia, among other psychosocial behavioral inconsistencies.

The latest work on them has found solutions to correct most, if not all of these ailments NAMI, Likewise, it is often the case that veterans cannot easily get to a hospital or doctor's office for care Cole, Home care for veterans brings the services they need right to their home.

It provides the quality and attention necessary for facilitating health and improving personal environments Barry, This training and development program will provide participants with a better understanding of what home care is and how it works for veterans, as well as some of the tools and knowledge interested nurses will need to implement…… [Read More].

Veterans Affairs Organizational Development. Department of Veterans Affairs is a governmental organization. It has its roots in , when veterans benefits were organized at the federal level, following the First World War. The brutal conditions of that war, where soldiers were exposed to mechanical weaponry, chemical weapons such as mustard gas, as well as disease-ridden trench warfare conditions, created substantial need for veterans hospitals, and the creation of a federal agency to accommodate this need formed the beginnings of the modern Department of Veterans Affairs VA.

The Veterans Administration was created in , and the GI Bill expanded benefits for veterans. Today, the Department of Veterans Affairs is a branch of the federal government. There are three separate administrations within the VA -- for benefits, health and cemeteries.

The health branch operates over…… [Read More]. Many people can name someone who suffers from PTSD as a result of having experienced a traumatic event. Diagnosis of PTSD is improving, and along with this has come recognition that the mental health issue can be a persistent and debilitating disorder "Office of Public Affairs," High Risk Family Analysis Veterans.

In implementing something as simple as phone-based CBT with the veterans in the research project at hand, an overall improvement in mental health and well-being could be achieved through relatively few treatments as research has shown, and in seeing the willingness of participants in this research project to provide information regarding their feelings and general mental health, it can be assumed that these same individuals would be willing to provide the same, if not deeper, information regarding their mental health to counselors or therapists in this remote setting with specific goal and behavioral approaches being the main focus of treatment.

Further, solution-focused therapy SFT as also been successful in the treatment of veterans with PTSD and the presence of substance abuse. Results of several studies suggest that traumas are often not so debilitating that individuals cannot come back from them entirely over time. This type of…… [Read More].

Women Veterans and Hypertension in. Planning The interventions required are collaboration, outreach, screening, and referral and follow-up MDH, A priori, coalition building would not be necessary since most veterans would qualify for coverage by the VHA or a public insurance plan.

Therefore, the goal of this intervention would be to inform women veterans in the Houston area about the health risks associated with hypertension, where to get screened and how often, and how to gain access to treatment when necessary.

Department Veterans Affairs Hospital Suicide prevention is a major national management issue in Veterans Affairs centers with a system wide suicide prevention program in place. This is because statistics indicate that older adults over the age of 65 are vulnerable to suicide and are more likely to complete suicide than younger adults in VA centers Joung et al. The national suicide monitoring activities indicate that between and , suicide rates among VA patients was high in comparison to suicide rates among the general population at 1.

Factors identified with the favorable health status were male gender, married state, higher educational attainment, higher military rank and inclusion in the Air Force service.

Lower quality of health was associated with increased use of health care, PTSD, disability, behavioral risk factors and death. The study also found that deployment experiences from did not reduce favorable health status Smith et al. The findings go against the reported poor health status of returning veterans, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan Smith et al.

They suggest a mentally and physically healthier military population that the general population. The outcomes of the study will be useful in evaluating health after deployment in a large, population-based military cohort Smith et al.

Disabled Veteans In U. Lyndon Johnson expanded the use of affimative action in fedeal hiing and contacts in , although the Civil Rights Act simply fobids employment discimination based on gende, ace, eligion o ethnicity. Even Richad Nixon suppoted affimative action despite his own acism, as evealed on the White House tapes Cahn To be sue, his motives wee moe nefaious in that he hoped to use it as a wedge issue to play woking class whites and minoities off against each othe as pat of his Southen Stategy.

Republican politicians have been using it in exactly the same way eve since, and with…… [Read More]. Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program. Conclusion The main ethical principle here should not be a deontological argument, but rather should be utilitarianism.

The greatest number of people will actually be helped by ensuring that discrimination of any type including the issue of reverse discrimination does not continue in the United States. It is therefore very important to use the arguments that one can make to show why reverse discrimination will harm a large number of people, including those who it is designed to protect and care for.

This harm can come from aggravation that others feel when they notice the reverse discrimination, but it can also come from employers and institutions that are being forced to hire or admit people who are clearly not qualified on the basis of their race or gender or handicap, or what they have done for the country in the past. Only when those characteristics are completely irrelevant will everyone…… [Read More]. The embedded traumatic experiences are usually deeply disturbing to the individual and can lead to typical symptoms of PTSD, such as depression, suicidal tendencies and loss of personal motivation.

In terms of existential analysis, these traumatic experiences can be understood and analyzed from the subjective and experiential viewpoint of the individual.

The advantage of this form of analysis and treatment is that it is based on the view that the psychological worldview of the individual is deregulated and even destroyed by the traumatic events that he or he has experienced. From this starting point treatment is able to deal more effectively with the underlying factors and the broader issues that impact the existential world of the patient.

In conclusion, the use of existential psychology to treat this condition is extremely valuable and appropriate in that this approach does not only treat the symptoms but attempts to repair and address the…… [Read More].

In your description, identify each of the following items: The fourth most populous city in the country after New York, Los Angeles and Chicago , Houston is the fourth most populous city in the nation and the largest city in the southern U. And Texas Houston facts and figures, As of , the City of Houston had a population of 2. Improving Veterans Health Administration VHA Wait Time for Veterans Care Veterans are senior citizens who have served the nation in a dedicated manner and in their elder days need to feel the reciprocation of the nation on the sacrifice that they made.

The population demography of the U. In order to achieve this, there are various legislation and steps that come along these legislations that VA has taken. One of the measures that VA works on is to…… [Read More]. Psychology Veterans Military members are sent to war leaving behind family, communities, and their lifestyle in order to fight a war. Upon their return they are thrown back into their "old lives" and are expected to adapt quickly and be unchanged Cooter, Even though some veterans can readapt into the communities and become a productive member of society some veterans end up with psychological issues as a result of their exposure to the hardships of leaving a family, friends, and their life behind, and the traumatic events that they experience during war.

In , there were over twenty million military veterans in the U. This is a mental health…… [Read More]. Recruitment of Females and Veterans of the U. Military Companies wishing to work with the federal government must focus on hiring females and veterans, among other groups.

Females are among the classes protected by the federal government's antidiscrimination laws. In addition, the federal government requires the recruitment and hiring of veterans. Consequently, at least some of the Human Resources Department's strategic plan must include efforts tailored to recruiting and retaining females and veterans.

In order to work with the federal government, companies must show their compliance with federal anti-discrimination laws protecting certain classes of individuals, including but not limited to women U. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and veterans U. Department of Labor, n. As a result, a strategic Human Resources plan should include well-developed efforts to recruit and retain women and veterans.

Health of a Veteran. Case Study 3 A veteran aged eighty, living alone, diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type 2 T2D twelve years ago, displaying normal renal functioning, and prescribed insulin injections besides other oral anti-hyperglycemic drug OAD , reported hypoglycemia attacks. Their potential consequences unconsciousness or even, in extreme cases, death frightened him. His attendant has been negligent in holiday and weekend periods, resulting in irregular insulin administration, which subsequently resulted in hypoglycemia episodes.

Case results indicate a combination of diet changes and degludec gave required diabetes control whilst ensuring no hypoglycemia episodes occurred. Elderly diabetics depict considerable risks for chronic as well as…… [Read More]. Management of Type 2 Diabetes in Older People. Prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus in elderly in a primary care facility: Current and Emerging Treatment Options. Insulin Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes.

Finally, recommendations concerning how the Jacksonville VA Outpatient Clinic can improve service to its veteran patients concludes this paper. Summary of the visited healthcare agency. The Jacksonville outpatient clinic is part of a nationwide…… [Read More]. References About Jacksonville VA outpatient clinic.

Jacksonville VA Outpatient Clinic. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 89 1 , Veterans Mental Health Services. Veterans experience a variety of mental health problems, including posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD , depression, anxiety, aggression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia Wooten, These problems often stem from exposure to combat.

Mental health problems among veteran are further compounded by other problems such as financial difficulties, joblessness, marriage problems, social isolation, and homelessness Smith et al. These problems are major risk factors for suicide and substance abuse. This paper focuses on this social justice problem, specifically highlighting the oppression faced by veterans with regards to access to mental healthcare, the ethical dilemmas associated with the problem, and policies enacted to address the problem.

For Veterans, access to mental healthcare remains a major challenge, with veterans in rural areas as…… [Read More]. Veteran Affirmative Action Affirmative action The concept of affirmative action has been in the limelight for many decades and most significantly in the onwards during the tenure of President Lyndon Johnson.

He once gave a speech that was concerned with offering everyone fair opportunity to compete in line with the capabilities that they have and taking into account the disadvantages that the individual has suffered. He is quoted to have said that "You do not take a person who, for years, has been hobbled by chains and liberate him, bring him up to the starting line of a race and then say you are free to compete with all the others, and still just believe that you have been completely fair.

The affirmative action programs are predominantly meant and formatted to break…… [Read More]. Veterans mental health problems and the Affordable Care Act. Current status in implementing the affordable care act with regard to veterans' mental health problems The Affordable Care Act's enactment gave rise to major concerns with regard to greater healthcare expenditure and reduced benefits for the defense population. Rather, the department maintained that VA-enrolled individuals require no added insurance coverage.

The fist pupose of the study is to measue the level of satisfaction associated with the cuent at the time of witing activities povided veteans at a VA CLC. Activities included a ange of execises -- fom eating to paying. The methodology used in this study was that of the suvey method.

Veteans at the VA CLC wee thee fo "shot-tem ehabilitation, shot-tem tansition, o LTC sevices" and the demogaphics of the veteans population wee 19 males fo evey 1 female.

Total numbe of veteans at the CLC was The suvey was sent to evey vetean. The acial demogaphics of…… [Read More]. Specifically, it will attempt to solve some of the problems veterans being discharged from the military are facing.

Veterans returning from the war in Iraq face a variety of problems and issues, and many of them are not being addressed by the military. Health care is one vital problem, many veterans coming home find that if they need health care, the Veterans Administration VA hospitals are so crowded they cannot receive treatment for weeks or even months.

However, probably the biggest problem facing returning vets is readjusting to civilian life, and all that entails, from dealing with family and friends to the stresses of their jobs.

Many returning vets will not admit they may need mental health counseling, and if they do admit it, they may not be able to find it. The problems of returning veterans are many, and until we learn how to solve…… [Read More]. Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Wars.

This is important because it reflect the certain difficulties the government has to stimulate the employment of veterans in a line of work of their choice. Other statistics mention that not only do a large number of veterans have a disability related to their position but rather the fact that they are part of a system which has a rate of unemployment too high for the United States. More precisely, "In , the unemployment rate among veterans who served in the U. Armed Forces since September was 6.

Department of Labor reported today. The jobless rate for veterans of all eras combined was 3. PTSD is an anxiety disorder, which occurs after a person has seen or experienced a traumatic event including, but not limited to: In fact, PTSD is unique among psychiatric diagnosis in that it "requires a specific type of event to occur from which the person affected does not recover" esick et al.

Veterans are at high risk of PTSD because they experience war, but they also experience many of the other traumatic events that can trigger PTSD in the course of the war. PTSD can have serious lifelong effects for veterans. It can impair…… [Read More]. Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Forces has declared that the country should put in more effort to treat the occurrences of Post-traumatic stress disorder and suicides among soldiers.

In just a span of one week, there were four Canadian military suicides Fekete, These soldiers went on to commit suicide after returning from war. It is known that hundreds and thousands of men and women have lost their lives in numerous battles till date. Suffering even after war is over and not being able to take over one's nerves is just horrible.

Countries like Canada and U. This event shows that PTSD amongst veterans is a serious problem and is becoming quite common. What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Homeless veterans and the challenges. Homelessness Among Veterans Among the social problems that have continuously bothered successive governments over the years. The problem is further compounded bearing that the veterans offered their best duty to the country when the need was most dire. As the years pass, as the US engages in one more war, veterans keep increasing and prospect for having more veterans will keep going up.

The increase is astronomical for the homeless veterans. Department of Homeless Veterans, It is estimated that 1. New Mexico Veteran's Affairs Healthcare. Working with the U. Department of Veteran's Affairs to define future growth plans - This is also critical as more and more patients age and require specialized services.

Department of Veteran's Affairs, their financial needs are budgeted as part of that federal agency. Government and does not specifically compete with private healthcare, there are no other primary competitors in the region from a government perspective. There is however the competition for federal funds with other agencies throughout the region.

In terms of healthcare however, the veterans in the region receive greatly reduced prices and have in some cases free medical care for their lifetimes,…… [Read More]. The VHA segment has more laborers than each alternate essentials of the Veterans Administration shared. The VHA is assorted as of the U.

Division of Defense Military Health System of which it is not a part va. Corporate Structure The size and structure of the VHA framework is entirely better than most private management groups.

Organizational Analysis for Veterans Health Administration. The organization being analyzed is the Veterans Health Administration VHA , which is the largest integrated healthcare system in the U. VHA is a component of the U. The organization is charged with implementing medical assistance programs for Veterans Affairs VA by administering and operating various VA medical centers.

The organization offers it care service at 1, healthcare facilities that include VA medical centers and 1, outpatient sites.

Civil War Veteran A Historical. The dead were those that were remembered and martyred in the South, and the survivors had to do just that - survive.

Northern soldiers eventually got some kind of pension as a reward for their valor, but the South was in disarray, and Southern soldiers really did not gain anything for their valor. The reactions to this were difficult to read, because many soldiers turned to drugs, alcohol, violence, and many suffered from mental problems. This is an area not often explored, and it made this book more interesting. It would have been nice if the editors had included even more essays and evaluations in this section of the book, because it was definitely the most commanding of all the sections.

This was a difficult book to read, because the essays the editor's chose were extremely academic and some were very dry , and so it made it more difficult to…… [Read More]. Terry Wallace Bloods Black Veterans. However, others became career soldiers, such as Sergeant Major Edgar Huff. Still others felt a sense of energy and purpose serving in Vietnam, and one of them, Manny Holloman even remembers his days as a soldier fondly, and misses his life in Vietnam. Manny even learned Vietnamese and married a Vietnamese woman, although he was forced to leave her behind after the Americans left Vietnam.

Like other client populations, veterans may experience issues with their day-to-day living requirements that require assistance, but these individuals may also experience a wide range of problems that are unique to service in the armed forces. This paper reviews the relevant literature to determine how current social work policies in the United States address issues of inequality, oppression or social justice for military veterans, the social work staff's ability to provide quality social work services, and ethical issues that affect social work values and practice in this area.

Finally, a summary of the research…… [Read More]. Current Policy The Obama Administration had pledged to end veteran homelessness, an interesting pledge given the myriad of complex reasons why people become homeless. But they were able to make progress towards that objective.

This was the result of a number of different approaches, which highlight the way that policy is addressed in this area. The VA cites three components of its plan: Advocacy Veterans of the United. Most advocacy groups can help the families of veterans also understand their legal entitlements to support services. Congressional representatives can occasionally come to the aid of their constituents who are veterans. Lawmakers listening to the concerns of their constituents can bring special cases to the attention of their fellow congressmen and women in Washington to help advocate on behalf of veterans and veterans affairs.

Some congressional representatives may be willing to serve on special committees that advocate for veterans affairs in Washington. Social workers have an obligation to learn about the large-scale organizations that serve the needs of veterans as well as smaller scale community organizations. Even social workers that do not specialize in veterans affairs should become familiar with the unique legal situation of their clients. For example, social workers should familiarize themselves with the specific medical, social, occupational, and psychiatric needs that veterans have, especially the veterans that…… [Read More].

Whether it be poverty, abuse or neglect of children or people being homeless or otherwise desperate, it would seem that there is no shortage of people in dire need of assistance. A prominent subset of the homeless population just mentioned are the homeless people that are veterans of the United States Armed Forces. As one might expect, the Veterans Affairs VA Administration has a program that is specifically meant to address the issue of many veterans being homeless.

While it may not be popular to say, the solution to this social problem is not as easy as one might expect as there is only so much money, resources and options that exist. Suicide and Veterans A Nationwide Epidemic. Speaking Truth to Health Policy: This alarming trend is attributable in large part to the symptoms that many people suffer from after experiencing traumatic episodes in their lives.

This paper provides a current description concerning the health policy adopted by the Department of Veterans Affairs VA in response to this nation-wide problem to determine how the situation could benefit from having nurses speak truth to power. Finally, a summary of the research and important findings concerning this issue are presented in the conclusion. The condition currently known as posttraumatic stress disorder is certainly not a new construct.

Healthcare Program Jonas Veterans Healthcare Program Program goal Recognizing the tremendous commitment and sacrifices our veterans have made to serve our country, the Jonas Center is committed to do our part to support improved healthcare for this population Jonas Center, N.

The Jonas Center's vision is to foster new partnerships that help improve veterans' healthcare through nursing and we welcome all contributions to support our efforts.

Scholar's research projects will be focused on priority veterans' healthcare need as identified by the hite House and Veterans Administration. Veteran is married, with two adult children and three grandsons, aged 4, 7 and 12 years by his older daughter who is a registered nurse in an intensive care unit; his younger daughter is a senior in college majoring in business administration she received a full scholarship to a private college.

Veteran earned his bachelor's degree in organizational leadership at a small midwestern university. Veteran continues to work full time as a paralegal, he advises that he intends to "semi-retire" when he turns 62 years next year and becomes eligible for Social Security payments. Veteran smokes two packs of cigarettes a day and drinks beer on occasion, but does not take drugs, even for severe pain, because he is worried about becoming addicted to them.

Sociology the Department of Veterans. This "complex bureaucracy" may at least partially explain the controversy that surrounds many Veterans Hospitals after accusations of poor conditions and health care have tarnished the VA's image during the past year. Two Washington Post reporters write, "Stories of neglect and substandard care have flooded in from soldiers, their family members, veterans, doctors and nurses working inside the system" Hull and Priest, , p.

The arguments against these problems has steadily grown, and as they have grown, new problems have been uncovered. With so many returning veterans, the VA is finding it difficult to cope with the sheer numbers of veterans involved. The Post reporters continue, "Nearly 4, outpatients are currently in the military's Medical Holding or Medical Holdover companies, which oversee the wounded.

Soldiers and veterans report bureaucratic disarray [ Nursing Organization the Nurses Organization of Veterans. Providing healthcare services to the nation's war veterans. NOVA's vision has six components: To provide high quality nursing care. To provide nurses with an optimal work environment. To keep nurses informed on relevant issues regarding VA health care and nursing. To create opportunities for VA nurses to function at the leadership level.

Advantages of Membership The most obvious benefit of membership is the ability to connect with other members, who can offer support for specific challenges related to the professions. This opportunity to work with others also strengthens the ability of the VA…… [Read More]. Ethical Dilemma in a Department of Veterans.

The environment for the proposed study will be a Department of Veterans Affairs VA medical center hereinafter alternatively "VAMC" that provides the full complement of tertiary healthcare services.

Description of environment and rationale for selection. The Lincolnville VAMC provides tertiary healthcare services for veterans living in a county area in a midwestern state. Besides its operations in the main facility, the Lincolnville VAMC also operates two community-based outpatient clinics. This service provides consultation, evaluation, and treatment for a variety of issues that can impact emotional well-being. This service processes more than 80, prescriptions each month.

Military Veteran Hiring Situation -- My Testimony A military veteran entering into civilian life can face tough challenges, especially when it comes to finding a suitable, well-paying job in today's American economy. But I have been blessed to find a good job, and I am extremely grateful to ITA International for the opportunity they have provided for me. After serving my country for ten years in the United States Army, it was very important for me to find a civilian job in Virginia.

Not just any job, but a job that would allow me to use my career training as a project manager. Indeed, it was my good fortune to come into contact with ITA International in February , an equal opportunity company in Virginia that reaches out to military veterans. Hector Perez Garcia has been described as "a man who in the space of one week delivers 20 babies, 20 speeches, and 20 thousand votes. He understands delivery systems in this country," "Justice for My People: Trained as a physician, Hector P.

Garcia became the "medical doctor to the barrios," "Justice for My People: For his service as infantry officer, combat engineer officer, Medical Corps officer, and Medical Corps surgeon, Garcia received six battle stars and a Bronze Star. As a highly decorated veteran of a war that should have united the country against its common enemies, Garcia might have expected that Hispanic-Americans like him would enjoy equal rights and social justice.

Fed up with discrimination…… [Read More].

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Veterans Day Essay Contest: Veterans are those persons who have served in order to honor and protect their country. Basically the day is celebrated in United States on 11th November every year. Veteran Essay Example provides an information about who are veterans and why do we have to honor them. To begin with, it is a matter of importance to understand who is a veteran. The first association with “veteran” is a “war”, therefore it means that a veteran is a person who took part in combats and was injured.

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Policy analysis: Social welfare history, ideology, & politics -- 30 points The United States Department of Veteran Affairs is a government entity in which provides health care, general benefits, services and assistance with burials and memorials to all veterans (Department of Veterans Affairs [VA], ). Americans. To those families and especially my parents I thank you for understanding and standing with us. This day belongs to you as well. The hallmark of being a veteran is service and sacrifice.