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❶The distance traveled by a machine screw in a single revolution. He pitched over the railing.

What slang words have this meaning?

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A paper plane, paper aeroplane, paper glider, paper airplane or paper dart is a toy plane made out of paper. #paper #planes #plane #school #airplane #dart #toy #bored by Westysnipes August 27,

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a joint made by initially folding your rolling paper into equal segments; similar to the folds of the childhood paper airplane process My hommies in the Bay roll a mean paper airplane. #joint #dank #rolling paper #j #marijuana #zig zag.

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Windows crashed again, I'll write it on some paper and mail it to you, with a stamp on the envelope. #sheet #white #thin #windows #mail #email by Milanifan May 09, Rolling then smoking a joint so you get lifted and fly.

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What does Paper Airplane mean in Urban Dictionary?: a joint created by in the beginning folding your moving report into equal sections; much like the folds of the youth paper plane procedure. an airplane made from report, primarily made at school from square paper, and throw at instructor an other pupils for entertainment. by Ione Report definition View More.