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The 4 Hidden Dangers of Writing Groups

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2. Conferences

1. Local writing centers and communities
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Forster met more informally. Such groups were not just valuable to writers in the past. Today, many published novelists are part of formal or informal writing groups that either meet regularly in person or exchange critiques and support online as needed. A writing mentor provides this powerful source of motivation and a writing group can too.

Finding others who can commiserate with your problems and your triumphs can be a huge motivational boost. Talking with other writers about writing and what they are working on will inspire you to keep going on your own projects. How accountability works depends upon how your group is run. Some groups may require writers to bring in a certain amount of work over a certain time period while others may be more informal. However, even for groups with no requirements, a writer is likely to feel some social pressure from the rest of the group, and this can be a good thing.

Having a group of people around you who are regularly writing and submitting is also good for you in the same way that it can be good to be around any group of people who reinforce your habits. Just as someone who wants to eat better and exercise more will have an easier time doing so if they are friends with many healthy eaters and exercisers, being around other writers more will naturally encourage you to be more productive. Putting your work in front of others and getting honest feedback about the work is one of the hardest things you have to learn to do as a writer.

New writers especially may have shown their work to very few people. A writing group is a great environment for getting accustomed to others seeing your work and having different and not necessarily flattering responses to it.

The value of learning to critique other writers constructively is immense. For many writers, this turns out to be even more useful than having their own work critiqued. This will enhance your own writing. Which agents are taking new clients and what are they looking for? What publishers are open to unsolicited manuscripts? Are there unscrupulous agents or publishers that you should know about?

What editors have moved to which publishing houses, and what are they looking for? You can get the answers to questions like these by being around other writers.

Fiction or nonfiction writers welcome. We'll read our works and compassionately critique. Emailing your reading before or bringing copies is appreciated. National Writers Association, S. Havan7a, Suite , Aurora, CO Provides reports, editing help, local chapters, and other services. Meets twice monthly at Manhattan apartment Exercises with on-the-spot composition, read afterward to the group, plus voluntary assignments between meetings.

Contact Rita Smith at ycitywritersforum gmail. Online Collaborative Fiction Brainstorming Workshop and bull session. For common projects and resources.

Online -- Review Fuse is currently free and offers guaranteed peer critiques of any author's work. We have developed review frameworks that make it easy for reviewers to give excellent reviews. We also host a blog that has great writing tips. All writers can feel welcome. Group will be run through a blog. Online -- Writer's Hollow is a private, online group for creative writers of all sorts looking to share and receive feedback on work.

We hold biweekly meetings over Skype text group chats, share tips, inspiration, resources and prompts on our wordpress website and keep in touch in our private facebook group.

Tuesday evenings at 7: Limited to 7 serious writers. Membership limited to five to ensure extensive feedback for every member's work at monthly meetings. Serious, committed writers only. This is the place to be if you want to give and get the best critiques around.

Meets first Monday of each month at 7: Also a critique group the third Monday of the month at 7: See website at http: A community of writers on the interwebs since Thailand Womens Writers Group. For gay male writers of all ages, levels of experience, and writing genres. Feel free to contact Holly for more info jasminbrian hotmail. Virginia -- Nonfiction Writer's Group. Write Away Writing Group , every Tuesday 12 noon - 2: Writing exercises and workshop format. Join other writers in a bi-weekly live Hangout to discuss and critique each other's writing.

Anyone can join, but spots are limited, and you must submit a piece for critique limit: Hot links for writers. This page uses Javascript. Your browser either doesn't support Javascript or you have it turned off.

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Scribophile is a respectful online writing workshop and writer’s community. Writers of all skill levels join to improve each other’s work with thoughtful critiques and by sharing their writing experience.

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The online writing group, writing workshop, and writing community where writers get quality critiques and feedback on their writing. The online writing group and writing workshop where writers get quality critiques and feedback on their writing.

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A platform for writing groups and an online space for writers. For hundreds of years—thousands if you count the Socrates school—writers have come together to . Working with a writing group is a personal thing, so, in my mind, that requires a personal touch. Inked Voices is home to critique groups, accountability- only groups and a group for weekly writing prompts.

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Someone writing a book because it’s cathartic and fun is in a very different place from someone writing a book for publication, and it could be that you need to shake up the composition of the group in order to be able to make a commitment to the truth. Critique Circle is a free online collaborative writing workshop for all genres with an extensive array of features. Improve your writing and meet other writers - Sign-up today!