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After this experience, I promised myself that I would not put myself through that anxiety ever again; paradoxically, that made my Secondary 3 year one of the most anxious years I had ever experienced. I coped, but just barely, both in healthy and unhealthy ways, and has been to this day a very important learning experience for me.

Entering the Secondary 3 year, in order to avoid the stress and anxiety of the previous year, I started studying even before classes had properly started. While my friends would play football or go out together after school, I would head straight home or to the library to study. My friends were happy for me, but they started expressing concern for me.

What had happened to the playful and social teenager they used to know? Unbeknownst to them, I had carried the anxiety of my Secondary 2 year straight through to the Secondary 3 year; the anxiety of needing to fight so hard for my promotion was so hard to shake off, I had actually studied straight through my November and December holidays.

Not only had I continued studying, I also had developed a very unhealthy caffeine habit, mainly via the consumption of up to six cups of coffee a day. Because of this bad habit, my anxiety did not abate during the holidays. I believed that by studying hard through my holidays, I would do well in my Secondary 3 year, therefore doing away with my anxiety.

This proved to be true, in some way; since I was doing well in school, I was no longer anxious about my results. However, I was still anxious — I was anxious about anxiety itself!

How silly I was. After the mid-year examinations, I started to cope in more healthy ways with this anxiety. Instead of spending as much as possible of my free time studying, I made sure that I spent enough time with my friends and my hobbies while ensuring that my grades did not suffer that much an occasional B was really no cause for worry.

I also made sure to get fitter, while drinking less coffee, because these changes would help me feel less anxious while also giving me more energy.

I had fun with my guitar, my band, my friends — and my studies were doing decently, even though my grades were no longer all perfect. This kind of balance in life is the key for me, to avoid the extremes of perpetual anxiety and the ennui that precedes failure.

If I only I could teach my younger self this! It is safe to say that all of us have lied at some point or other of our lives.

Some parents, when asked by young children where babies come from, have sputtered some childish explanation of a stork, or my personal favourite, redirecting the question by saying: Individuals may disagree on what particular situations demand falsehoods, but I think it is fairly clear that lies must be told when it contributes to the greater good.

I first have to say that in the vast majority of situations, telling the truth should be the first option, even if it were to cause pain or suffering somewhere down the line. Sometimes families refrain from telling a cancer patient that they have, say, six months to live, in an attempt to get the patient to be more hopeful to maximise whatever chances there are for recovery. However, this ostensibly compassionate action may cause more harm, especially if it prevents the family member with cancer from making peace with people around him and even with the reality of mortality itself.

Many of our white lies often end up this way — with us trying to do good, but ending up harming ourselves and others instead. However, I believe that there are situations where the potential harm is so severe and catastrophic that it would warrant almost any action — including withholding the truth — in order to prevent such harm. Nuclear war would be so severe and catastrophic that any action taken to prevent it would be morally acceptable.

Even a limited nuclear war would be devastating to the entire world, and I would never want to be part of the chain of command responsible for such an occurrence.

The lie of the fake nuclear football would, in my mind, be an additional barrier that prevents the world from descending into nuclear apocalypse. Most of us should disregard these cases on the limits of reality and just stick to telling the truth most of the time. The liberating quality of truth-telling means that even if we suffer temporarily when we stick to honesty, most of us will be better off. We can only wish the best for those stuck in situations where telling the truth is ethically indefensible.

This creature utters one incessant cry: However, I will contend that the accusation that people are too concerned with getting things and spending money only hides the real cause of that behaviour — the perception of economic insecurity.

Given that perception, apparently consumerist tendencies can be seen for what they truly are: People whose lives seem to revolve around consumer goods sometimes appear to live essentially meaningless lives, since their lives are all about consuming, and not producing. Their consumerist behaviour precludes the productivity of creativity, which to me is the basis of a meaningful life. I understand why anyone would label this consumerist behaviour as excessive, but we must have more empathy for such people.

We are all threatened with the anxiety of meaninglessness, but sometimes this is expressed via the anxiety of annihilation. This annihilation is not just the destruction of our bodies, but the destruction of the key parts of our perceived selves — our social circles, our ways of life, our possessions, and so on.

Buying consumer goods is an expression of that fear, with each additional acquisition symbolising not just buying power, but the power to survive and thrive in spite of the threats that seem to press from all sides. Moreover, almost all of us actually are those consumers, to some degree.

After all, who has never jumped at the thought of a discount on something we really want? I admit that from some objective point of view, this consumerist behaviour is excessive.

Life should be lived with courage, and if so many of us were not as afraid of annihilation, perhaps we would see more creativity in the form of compassion creating positive change in society through compassionate acts , art creating beauty , and so on. However, when even millionaires seem to be obsessed about cheap cars or fashion, we must have empathy for them and not condemn their behaviour as excessive when they may be concerned for their children, for whom a million dollars may seem insufficient.

This excessive concern with getting things and spending money may be spiritually, psychologically, and socially unhealthy and counterproductive, and must be resisted by those who see the damage that such behaviour can cause. As members of global society, we should be more concerned with building and shaping the world into one where nobody will have to feel insecure about the necessities of life, including food, shelter, medicine, and education. April 9, at April 12, at 7: April 13, at April 22, at 4: April 23, at 8: April 24, at 7: April 26, at 6: April 28, at 2: April 29, at April 29, at 9: May 2, at 1: May 3, at May 4, at 9: May 4, at 7: May 13, at 8: May 27, at 6: May 28, at 9: June 8, at June 11, at 8: September 21, at 3: September 21, at 8: September 21, at 5: September 24, at September 26, at 8: September 27, at September 28, at 7: October 19, at 4: October 20, at 3: October 27, at 8: October 28, at 9: November 7, at 7: November 8, at November 8, at 5: November 9, at 6: November 10, at 6: November 19, at 9: November 28, at 4: November 30, at December 9, at December 10, at 7: December 18, at 7: December 21, at 4: December 22, at 8: December 22, at December 28, at 9: December 28, at 5: January 1, at 4: January 13, at 7: January 25, at January 27, at 9: January 30, at 8: February 2, at February 5, at 8: February 8, at 4: February 14, at 9: February 14, at 6: February 14, at February 22, at 2: February 22, at 3: February 24, at February 27, at 9: March 4, at 9: March 10, at 7: March 10, at March 12, at 2: March 14, at 3: March 14, at 4: March 16, at 2: March 17, at March 19, at 2: March 19, at 9: March 22, at March 24, at 8: Lau Zheng Hao says: March 25, at 2: March 26, at 9: March 27, at April 11, at 5: April 12, at 4: April 13, at 4: April 17, at April 21, at 8: April 22, at 1: April 26, at April 28, at 1: May 2, at May 2, at 2: May 4, at 4: May 9, at May 9, at 3: May 17, at 7: May 23, at 1: June 3, at 3: June 10, at 9: September 7, at 3: June 16, at June 17, at 9: June 18, at 5: June 22, at 7: June 22, at 9: June 23, at 4: June 24, at 3: June 25, at 1: June 30, at Samir Ranjan Saha says: June 30, at 5: July 12, at 3: July 16, at July 21, at 4: July 22, at 3: July 25, at 4: July 25, at 6: July 27, at 9: August 3, at 8: August 5, at 8: August 8, at 9: August 8, at 3: August 9, at August 10, at 8: August 11, at 2: Saira Binte Salek says: August 11, at 5: August 12, at 6: August 12, at August 15, at August 19, at 7: August 25, at August 25, at 5: August 26, at August 29, at 4: August 29, at 9: August 31, at 5: September 5, at September 7, at September 12, at 7: September 15, at 6: September 15, at 8: September 21, at September 21, at 7: September 22, at 6: September 23, at September 24, at 5: September 25, at September 27, at 4: September 30, at October 1, at 5: October 3, at 4: October 4, at 7: October 10, at 1: October 14, at 3: October 15, at 1: October 16, at October 21, at 4: October 22, at 6: October 22, at 7: October 30, at 1: October 31, at November 3, at 8: November 12, at November 14, at 3: November 14, at November 17, at 1: November 17, at 9: November 20, at 8: Pls email me essays says: November 20, at 2: November 20, at 7: November 23, at 9: November 24, at 5: November 24, at 9: November 26, at December 2, at 7: December 11, at 1: December 23, at 8: December 28, at 8: December 29, at 9: January 2, at 5: January 4, at January 5, at 2: January 6, at January 8, at January 18, at January 24, at 6: January 24, at 7: January 26, at February 9, at 3: February 13, at 1: February 16, at 9: February 16, at 8: February 23, at 5: February 23, at 3: February 28, at 1: March 1, at March 1, at 7: That question were asked to the admin.

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That's really huge list of sample essays for students those need to write essay and facing difficulties. I am sure that will be very helpful for students studying in various level. In fact,writing such a essay in o level english will guarantee a fail.

You pretty had aid me much in essays. I was struggling what I want to write about for my mid term examination.. Hey I would like to get in touch with you about publishing one of my articles here? Any way to do that?? Click here for email address to submit your article. Thank you for sharing. This is a good material for the development of creative thought. I'm writing an essay for more than five years.

Sometimes creative crisis comes. In this moment you need to distract yourself with other thoughts. Good luck to all with essay writing.

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