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Does homework help or hinder student learning—and which. Key stage 1 — reading presentation September — view PPT. Offers several ways to get help with homework: Live online one-to-one help every day from 4 p.

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Middle school students can learn study skills and more with homework help from C2. Did you know you can come to the library after school for help with your homework?

In early Victorian England, most children never went to school at all and grew up unable to read or write. Summer Readers and Homework Helpers, programs setup by the. Live homework help online! McKinley Boys and Girls Club offers homework help for students who. New accessibility features make it easy for all users: The 'Read Aloud' toolbar found in the footer of every page includes. Also, children can find little words in big words to help them read longer words.

This means to make connections between similar words to read a new word. For instance, if you know the word cake , you can more easily read the word lake. Or if you know the word cook , it is easier to connect that to the word cookie, than to completely sound it out over again. This means to look over the entire word. Many times children will stop reading if a word looks difficult, making no attempt to word solve.

One trick teachers use is to put a red dot under the middle of the word to get the child to look all the way through the sounds. This will often help the child figure out the word. This means to try a word and see if it makes sense. Fix-up bear means it is alright to go back and reread and fix an error. We do not have to race through reading just to be done. We read to understand. If we make an error, it should be fixed.

This is sort of an amazing strategy. This strategy may be used when a few others have been tried without success. It means to ask another person for help! By making an attempt to really notice the first sound, it is often enough for the child to try to finish the word. This strategy is second best to Stretchy Snake. Skippy frog is using context to figure out a word, but what we tell children is to skip the word and keep reading the sentence.

Most often, they realize they can figure out the word by using this strategy. They somehow do not think this strategy is OK, so we tell them good readers use Skippy frog, too. This is the whisper it out strategy. Sound it out uses strong, separate sounds the child is trying to connect together. When we whisper, we naturally connect sounds as they should be connected in reading. Another strategy might be more useful in those cases. I love this post!!

Bottom line…this has to become a part of the culture of your home. With my daughter, I am working on consistency. We conduct SSR for 20 minutes with a timer. We all have to read and I am working on her dad being a regular participant!

My daughter has become competitive with it. She is happy to share that she is in a chapter higher than the one I am in she is 2nd grade. I let her have those moments. If it motivates her to beat mommy, then so be it! What I really like is it forces me to get back to my personal reading which I seem to sacrifice to lesson planning, grading papers, curating, emailing….

Thanks for this wonderful post. That sounds awesome, Shayne. When I have been able to do something similar to this i. Your art is wonderful! This is so nice for teachers to share with parents.

It will clarity the dilemma of how to help a child improve in reading skills. Thank you so much! My hope is that my video along with your article will reach a whole lot of parents. Thanks so much for partnering with me on this!! Yes, if you contact the tech person in your school, they can probably show you exactly how to embed the video right on your page.

Here is a direct link to the video on YouTube: Thanks so much for this post! I already follow your blog as a middle school educator, but I love these tips for helping my daughter with reading skills as she begins kindergarten this year. It really helps to know exactly what we can and need to do at home to maximize her nightly reading.

So it may be more of a struggle. What an excellent and essential post! For years, I did the Reading Recovery program with first graders. Repeatedly, I saw that the kids that made the most progress, were the kids who had support at home. However, parents need to learn the strategies outlined in this post in order to provide optimum support to their early readers. We are contacting the author to see if she can tell us where to find it. Kelly, the link to the free printable in the post has been revised.


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