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Tragic Hero in Julius Caesar

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❶Trusting Cassius is was a bad decision and Brutus eventually goes through with his plan of assassinating Caesar. Though Brutus killed Caesar with good intentions, he was destined to fail in some way or another in doing so, and as a result, Brutus was killed.

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Everything that he did was for the benefit of someone else. He cared more about others than he did himself. For instance, in the process of killing Caesar, he could have easily backed out because he knew he might have been punished, but he knew in the long run, that it would help the plebeians most. Another example of his selflessness is in Act 2, Scene 1. Brutus decides not to tell Portia his plans for the murder of Caesar.

He feels she already has enough stress in her life and does not need to worry or deal with his plans. Brutus also frequently demonstrated many acts of affection toward others. He had to weigh his choices and in Act 3, Scene 2, Brutus kills Caesar only because he is afraid of what will happen to Rome if Caesar remains ruler.

He knew the commoners life would be difficult with the ruling of Caesar. He realizes what a honorable man Caesar was. Finally he shows his endearment for others in Act 5, Scene 5. This is the scene in which Brutus kills himself partly because Cassius, his best friend, died. All tragic heroes possess a character flaw that leads to their defeat.

He thought that everything was good in the world, and that all men were honorable. He believed all that people told him and felt no one would lie or deceive him.

Just because he did not betray anyone, he believed the world would return this act. Even though he is a fallen hero, he still wins a moral victory, and his spirit lives on. In Julius Caesar, there are a number of people to pick from; Caesar himself could be the hero, Cassius could be considered the hero, Calpurnia could be the hero…etc. This boils down to the main question; who was the hero of Julius Caesar?

By definition, a tragic hero must, of course, have heroic qualities. So what qualities does Brutus have that would make him any more applicable to the title than any other character in the play? There are a few of these. For one, Brutus was a genuinely nice person. He did not wish to harm anyone, and really only wanted to general good for all people.

Thirdly, he wished not to die at the hands of his enemies; he wished to die in a way that was considered honorable at the time, at prove that he was loyal to his ideals by having himself killed by one of his friends.

Brutus states this in Act 5, scene 5, lines It is more worthy to leap in ourselves, That tarry till they push us.

Even for that our love of old, I prithee, Hold though my sword-hilts whilst I run on it. One might think that any character could be pulled out of the play, and in contrast to Brutus, meet the requirements just as well, but they would be severely wrong in thinking as such.

Caesar also applies to the tragic heroic statement in the sense that he made a fatal error in judgment; he wanted to be crowned, and was power hungry, and as a result of his need for power, he ended up being assassinated. However, Caesar, however heroic his giving of assets to the people of Rome may have seemed, and however good his intentions may have been superficially, he still was power hungry, and still was selfish. Heroes are neither of the latter statements. Another requisite to being labeled a tragic hero is, as previously mentioned, making a fatal error in judgment, or having a fatal flaw in personality; Brutus definitely demonstrated these.

Though Brutus killed Caesar with good intentions, he was destined to fail in some way or another in doing so, and as a result, Brutus was killed.

Also, when Brutus and Cassius discuss battle plans, Brutus makes another fatal error in judgment. The enemy increaseth every day…and we must take the current when it serves, Or lose our ventures. In being involved with the murder of Caesar, Brutus became an immediate target of Antony and Octavius. And then, his later discussion with Cassius in his tent only furthered to carry him to his deadly fate.

Had Brutus not suggested so, and remained at the camp, it is highly likely he never would have died on the battle fields of Philippi, and there is strong potential that he very well could have actually won. Clearly, and indisputably, Brutus is the hero of Julius Caesar. Their negative attribute is the reason for the misfortune that occurs in their life, which is seen over and over again in plays throughout history.

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Brutus Was The Tragic Hero of Julius Caesar Essay Sample

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- Julius Caesar is a Tragic Hero The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare is a tale not completely focused on Julius Caesar himself. But is instead focused more on the conspirators that surrounded him.

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Brutus, the Tragic Hero The story of Julius Caesar, written by Shakespeare, is characterized as a tragedy. One characteristic of a tragedy is that is always has a tragic hero. This is someone who is a moral and honest person, who is respected by others. But, through ill judgment and.

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A tragic hero is the dominant character of a book or play, whose actions affect the overall outcome. The traits of a tragic hero include a fatal flaw and a tragic death. Brutus’s also had high status by being in the senate and has a fatal flaw of being gullible. Along with those characteristics, Brutus [ ]. While arguments for Julius Caesar or Marcus Brutus can be made as to which one may be the tragic hero, it is Caesar that is the real tragic hero in this story. Without a doubt, Marcus Brutus is one of the main characters of the play.

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Brutus is the Tragic Hero of Julius Caesar. Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar is a tragic play, where the renowned Julius Caesar is on the brink of achieving total control and power by becoming emperor of the Roman Empire. Brutus Was The Tragic Hero of Julius Caesar Essay Sample Tragic hero: A tragic hero has the potential for greatness but is doomed to fail. He is trapped in a situation where he cannot win.