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Business Strategy - Essay Example

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❶Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. Now as we studied earlier that the company wants to become a worldwide brand of beverages and accelerate in the future, these are some of the recent strategic problems the company is facing this year.

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Effective business management strategy Essay
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Live Chat Order now. To register place your 1st order. FAQ What is a custom writing service? Are your writers qualified for the custom writing? How quick can my order be accomplished? Are essays offered by your company truly custom-written? Is it safe to buy papers from SupremeEssays. How secure is the payment system of your company? While as the PIMS strategy stands profit impact of marketing strategy, in which the company is able to analyze the relationship between the key strategic decisions and its results.

The organisational audit comprise of several tools that enables individuals to know more about the culture and the recent situation of the organisation. There are a number of tools used for auditing organisation one of which is scoping out the organisation which comprise of the following; Culture: Coca cola Culture is work as a team of one team, one company with a one goal to achieve to bring people closer, with a diverse environment.

Now to analyze what are the threats and opportunities that Coca cola will have in the market we will evaluate the SWOT analysis for the company Strength: There are certain external and internal forces that impact the organisational activities; environment is one of those forces.

For coca cola maintaining a good environment for its consumers and citizen is very important. In the year and onwards after the recession the company started innovative projects on a low cost basis. Within Britain the company has six factories all using modern equipment. Stakeholders are considered of major importance in coca cola Company, as these are the forces that impact the company operations both internally and externally.

The main stakeholders of Coca Cola Company are; civil society, government, customers, investors, employees and suppliers. According to the coca cola company the story inside each bottle of their drink is written by consumers, customers, bottlers and non profit organisations and all those who have interest in our business. For further clarification and expansion in the stakeholders programme from the last two years the company is working with national government for the implementation of sports and fitness programme.

The coca cola company helps to create value for its customers; also the company shows great response towards the social SRI community. In Coca Cola Company the employees are considered as a great asset for the company and for such reason the company adopts such kind of environment which motivates employees.

Realising the current situation of the organisation, for Coca Cola Company to accelerate on the path of growth there are various strategies to adopt some which are described below; Pricing: For a firm it is important to analyze that the price should be fair, it should cover the cost and also keep a comparison with the competitors. With the help of an effective advertisement strategy the company is able to grow sales revenues and better promote its products features in the market.

The revent advertisements like style caster, zamzie video that got viral and the polar bear add. Customer relationship management CRM: STP Segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy: Raja et al, As we know that COCA cola company within the UK market faced a downfall in fizzy drinks as people are becoming more health conscious and likes to drink more other forms of water, now for COCA cola company to increase its value of drinking water in the near future it is important to adopt certain strategies, as a consultant I would suggest the MCkinsey growth pyramid;.

For the attainment of the future growth MCkinsey growth strategy is an effective approach, according to this strategy there are four basic parameters these are: As the operational goals of coca cola is to find new customers, attain new ones and to bring a discounted accounts, now in order to achieve all this the company can use operational skills as said in the mckinsey strategy which will attain higher profits and future growth.

Apart from being active in the retail business, the company also carries out a number of services such as DVD rental, which was launched in and bakery services launched in According to Sillince , resource based view in competitive advantage can help Lidl in achieving competitive advantage by looking at the internal factors that are within its system.

For instance, the company has used its employees in ensuring that it achieves most of its goals within the shortest time possible. In addition, the company has achieved greater competitive advantage that has led to increase in the amount of profits and market share by internal tangible and intangible factors such as products and values respectively.

In addition, the company uses heterogeneous and immobile resource-based views to ensure the achievement of the most effective competitive advantage in the market. Discourse and disruption have also affected the company hence making it work towards ensuring that it produces more to enable it sell better than other firms. With over 10, stores in Europe alone, Lidl needs to manage unique political examples affecting its business operations.

One of the major political components influencing the business is natural assurance laws to compel companies to comply with all the government requirements. The second imperative component is UK government vitality advance programs for innovative work of retail products. For this situation, numerous retail companies have been able to greatly undergo structural changes in order to fit in the government policies.

In addition Lild uses economic internal and external factors. Financial elements incorporate monetary development in the option vitality commercial enterprises and increment in the expense of utilizing the automobiles fundamentally because of the ascent in fuel costs in the brief time.

In this manner, the interest for more-proficient automobiles is higher than in the recent past. The company also has a stable financial system that enables it to communicate effectively and favorably. Moreover, Social components are identified with expansion natural concerns, mentality and stress on items, which are eco-friendly. The company has also considered a number of cultural elements that help in achievement of competitive advantage and in promotion of customer interests.

For instance, the company stocks various items used by almost all the religions in Europe. With the rise in technology, Lidl has tried to improve its customer service platform to ensure that the new technological aspects are included in order to avoid any delays.

In addition, the company has allowed customers to make purchases using credit cards and checks in order to make purchases easier and faster.

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Introduction Business planning is integral part of every firm and company that like to exceed in the growth and to achieve its targets in the future. The Business strategies is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents. If you are stuck with writing or missing ideas, scroll down and find inspiration in the best samples. Business strategies is quite a rare and popular topic for writing an essay, but it certainly is in our database.