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10 things I tell undergraduates

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❶References should be in alphabetical order, by author or publishing agency e. Learn how to write well.

Guidelines for the Department of Economics Honors Thesis

International development, economics, politics, and policy
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It should confront a question that is unresolved and push towards a resolution. In the process of pursuing a topic, conducting independent research, formulating, articulating and crafting a sustained argument, students will build on what they have learned in coursework, gain insights into economic scholarship and methodology, and develop their talents as writers and thinkers.

Presenting the thesis to their classmates is also a very enriching experience, and final thesis drafts often incorporate comments that students receive from their colleagues. Once the thesis is completed students will have the satisfaction of knowing they have produced a work of scholarship that will be permanently archived in the Penn State Library system.

The Economics Department expects honors theses to be based on thorough research and to offer an original interpretation. Students are expected to undertake some degree of primary research using original sources. The nature and extent of the primary research may vary according to the question pursued and the field of study. Students are also expected to situate their research and analysis within the scholarship of the field of economics and to clearly articulate and support the significance of their project and its contribution.

Students whose work involves extensive primary research should be careful not simply to present a narrative or an inventory of their sources, but to center the thesis on the analysis and interpretation of their research in such a way that their thesis makes an argument. Skip to Main Content. Specifics about Honors Thesis Form for first and final drafts: The thesis must be typed, double-spaced, with pages numbered consecutively. Page 1 should be the first page of text of the thesis i.

Direct quotations from sources, if placed in a separate paragraph and indented, may be single-spaced. Please allow at least approximately one inch margins note that the Honors College may require a larger left margin, so you should make sure that the version you submit to them meets their specifications.

Title and signature pages: Please consult the Honors College website for information on the format of the title page and signature page for your thesis. Business and management skills are critical, but classrooms are poor places to get skills other than finance and accounting. Try careers on for size. Try out different careers in the summer—researcher, journalist, medical assistant, NGO worker, congressional aide, and so on. Go to strange places.

A week sojourn across Western Europe is a blast, but see if you can bunker down for longer in a less familiar locale. Take some small classes with professors who can write recommendations. But if a MA or PhD is an option, you will need at least three high quality recommendations.

See my recommendation letter advice here. An independent research project can be the perfect capstone to your college years. View September 1, View September 2, View September 4, View September 5, View March 1, View April 1, Advice, Philosophy Statistical Insignificance. View May 21, View June 7, What to write about? View September 27, October 25ths in review. Kerry Watson Skinniness equals Success? Jonah Rockoff and Miguel Urquiola. Sydney Murray Consumer Bankruptcy Reform: Past Failures and Proposals for the Future Advisor: An Opportunity Cost Analysis Advisor: Certification As a Signal Advisor: Generic Challenges to Pharmaceutical Patents Advisor: John Gardner An Unintended Consequence: Lauren Schy Seduced and Scorched?

Matthew Isanuk Something to Hide? Subash Iyer Show Me the Money: Ady Barkan Diagnosing Tuberculosis in India: An analysis of three strategies Advisor: Miguel Urquiola and Susan Elmes. Shuky Ehrenberg A question of Rank: Graciela Chichilnisky and Kate Ho. Laura Rosner In Search of Spillovers: Evidence from Bulgaria Advisor: Stanley Tan Bully in the Playground?

Columbia University in the City of New York. Undergraduate Honors and Prizes. Departmental Honors Each spring the department nominates several of our graduating seniors for departmental honors. The college makes the final decision as to which students will receive honors. To be nominated by the department, there are two formal requirements:. Senior Honors Thesis Honors Seminar. There is some Harvard specific information at the beginning of the document, but most of the guide is applicable to any thesis writer in economics.

All Columbia thesis writers are encouraged to read it.

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Theses are posted with their permission of the author. This is not a reflection on the quality of their work. All work is © by the individual authors.

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Feb 24,  · What are some great topics for a thesis as an economics undergraduate student? Update Cancel. ad by Atlantic BT. What would be an interesting economics/finance undergraduate thesis? What are some great topics for an undergraduate economics thesis? What is the best and easiest thesis topic about Economic?

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For all honors thesis candidates in the Class of and beyond only: Take one “data methods” course and one “mathematical economics” course; For students interested in finding out more, please attend the information session on honors theses that will be given by Prof. Ken Chay at the beginning of every spring semester. The Undergraduate Dissertation in Economics – A Practical Guide 3. For these reasons, it may be necessary (or desirable) to provide alternative ways of exposing joint honours and weaker students to research methods. This will be discussed later in section 4.

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Guide for Economic Undergraduate Students on How to Write & Present a Thesis: Undergraduate Honors Thesis & Senior Papers This guide provides some sources for beginning the research process as well as identifying subscription based databases for research in Economics. May 31,  · What are some great topics for undergraduate thesis? A great dissertation or thesis topic at any level is one that interest you, your advisor, and your committee within the resources available to is the process, apprenticeship of becoming a scholar and researcher that matters not the topic. Begin with trending topics sites and recent news featured in business/economy.