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Sociology and Participant Observation

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❶I can honestly say that my Social Imagination has changed with this assignment.

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Observation Sociology Essay Sample
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I also decided to get the gyros without onions. I am not a real vegetable eater but I had decided to leave the tomatoes. While eating this it had really surprised me that I was leaning more towards actually liking the food then not. The Tri-tip was good but was marinated very different than other ones I have had.

It had a big hint of garlic in it. I did like the food but not that much that I would just go and eat it on any day. The face that I had liked the food was very surprising to me because that I am so picky. This assignment has opened me up some more that I will consider different things and not just be so ethnocentric. They way that meals are prepared and cooked are different not the food they are made with.

The biggest impact on my life was the way that I think about different cultures. These different cultures come to America to change their lives but still have to keep their self-identity and they find that within their culture. The personality and identity is within their culture and not just the life they are trying to life. I used to just think that if people want to come to America then they should just live the life we have here; but now that I have been in this class and assignment I see it a lot differently.

I can honestly say that my Social Imagination has changed with this assignment. Causality had a factor in this as well. When one simple idea in my mind changed it started to mold the others that I had already had in my head about the different culture. This assignment could very well be a deductive approach to culture. Before we get to know anything about a culture we have pre deceived ideas about them and then as we get to know the culture the ideas begin to get changed or analyzed.

There was a few people but they were either nurses or doctors seeming to be on their dinner break from the hospital. The culture analysis I was able to receive was a very small Sample; the employees were of the culture of the restaurant. The Material Culture was the hardest for me to figure out. From the way the restaurant was laid out I do believe it was art from their culture. The last observation I was able to make was the Gender roles. I observed that the males were in the kitchen cooking and making the decisions.

The women were the ones taking the orders and doing the smaller roles such as cleaning, organizing, and serving. Healthy eating means having the right amount of nutrients and minerals which help to give us energy and keep us healthy. In order to get nutrients, we need to have a balanced diet which contains the adequate amount of nutrients from different food groups.

These nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals etc. The five main food groups of balanced diet are For this assignment the wine region Baden in southern Germany is chosen see attached picture.

Baden is one of the most popular wine regions in Germany due to apart from its beautiful wines the great weather and beautiful landscapes. This results in a perfect atmosphere for comfortable wine trips and other vacations. Baden is known for its great variety in soils, grapes and wines, especially Food is main thing in our lives. Eating is an activity that we as humans do at least two times a day. We live in a world where it is important to eat, and we have a multitude of choices of food to choose from every day.

We are responsible for what we eat. Too much of food will only lead to disease that our The part a questions ask the candidate to describe or explain the meaning of a key concept or theory. Answers should be illustrated with the use of examples. The part b questions are intended to be more demanding and carry a higher mark weighting accordingly. These are essentially essay-type questions. As some of the knowledge content required to answer part b of a question may have already been covered in responding to part a , it is quite acceptable for the candidate to make cross-references to part a rather than repeating the same material.

There is a clear demarcation between part a and part b questions on this paper. The style of response required of candidates is still essay-format but questions have been constructed in such a way as to make it easier for candidates to use their knowledge appropriately. Part a of the question requires candidates to focus on knowledge and understanding and to demonstrate that they have interpreted the question correctly. They need also to support their knowledge with the appropriate application of the work of key thinkers, empirical data and relevant examples from studies.

In this section of the question there is no necessity for candidates to demonstrate the skill of evaluation. They will not be penalised by its use in part a but as their answers to part b are expected to be longer and show evaluation, their time would be more appropriately used here. Part b of the question will be related to part a but will require candidates to demonstrate all of the skills specified in the assessment criteria.

Candidates will not be able to progress beyond level one of the mark scheme without including evaluation. At the most basic level, the candidate who uses more than one perspective when answering a question is displaying the skill of evaluation, albeit implicitly.

Candidates who are more sophisticated in their use of evaluation will identify explicitly the strengths and limitations of different theories and arguments, and they may reflect on the validity of the evidence that they use to support or counter particular viewpoints. Part b answers should not have lengthy tracts of description, 2 as candidates will access the higher marks by extending the range of evidence used and the amount of analytical content.

Study Skills The majority of candidates who under-perform in the examination do so not because they lack appropriate sociological knowledge, but rather because they have difficulty in demonstrating the key skills of interpretation, application, analysis and evaluation. These skills are in some ways more intellectually demanding than the relatively simple process of absorbing and regurgitating knowledge about a subject.

They depend upon other underlying skills such as judgement, insight, empathy, reasoning, logic, and command of language. Nevertheless, much can be achieved through the use of carefully selected teaching strategies to stimulate and hone the required intellectual qualities in the candidate.

They should not assume that they can acquire all the requirements for success in the examination simply by attending lectures, following the instructions of their teacher, and reading the course textbooks and other relevant materials.

Teachers should emphasise that the skills have to be understood and practised by the candidates. Help the candidates to understand that success in the examination is similar to a star performance where skills that have been practised extensively beforehand are displayed with craft and style and agility of mind.

Discourage the assumption that examinations at this level are essentially a memory test where success depends solely on the ability to reproduce, indiscriminately and almost verbatim, swathes of knowledge gleaned from the recommended textbooks. Candidates should be reminded that it is the ability to shape and apply appropriate knowledge that is all-important in achieving examination success. Knowledge itself is of little value if it is poorly applied or used uncritically and unimaginatively in answering a question.

The syllabus document includes a list of other recommended textbooks. However, candidates should be discouraged from viewing the textbook and any other authoritative source materials as simply a body of knowledge to be absorbed mechanically and reproduced rigidly in answering examination questions.

It is preferable to regard the knowledge in textbooks as a resource or tool that the candidate must become skilled in using in order to master their subject. An active rather than a passive approach to studying sociology is therefore to be recommended. Reminding candidates at regular intervals throughout the course of the importance of a skills-based approach to preparing for the examination is an important teaching tactic.

Finding different ways of communicating this message will be a rewarding challenge for teaching staff and a marker of their success in encouraging an active and rigorous approach to learning amongst the candidates. Teachers who have studied the assessment objectives and thought carefully about the skills they require will be well prepared for the vital task of making their candidates aware of the various dimensions of the skills they will be expected to demonstrate in the examination.

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Sociology observation paper essaysIn the town of Merrick, there is a little mall with a strip of about 15 stores. On the corner of the mall is where Milos is located. The best pizza and Italian food I had ever tasted came from here ever since I was a young kid.

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The present observation paper sample will describe the situation when the writer provokes an unpleasant situation to a crowd of people and discuss the reaction and resolution to the conflict.

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"Sociology Mall Observation" Essays and Research Papers Sociology Mall Observation Shopping Mall Observation A sociological observation was conducted at Manhattan Village mall from P.M. to P.M. on Saturday, September 18, Feb 09,  · To Sociology C. DiBartolo Feb. 9, “Advantages vs Disadvantages to Henslin’s Research” Henslin used the method of participant observation to conduct his study of the homeless. There are advantages as well as disadvantages to this type of research that he did.

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Papers 1 and 2 are combined with a further written paper, Paper 3, to complete the scheme of assessment for the Advanced Level qualification. Paper 3 is presented in six sections and there are two questions in each section. Each question has a . Sociology Observation of Two Advertisements Essay Words | 5 Pages. This observation assignment has been very interesting, in that it has made me more aware of advertisements. The two that I chose are Gentleman's Quarterly (GQ) and Vogue, both from September