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Possessive Nouns Homework! Please Help!?


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Plural words indicate more than one -- child is singular and children is plural. To form the possessive of a singular noun we generally add 's, with special cases like words that already end in s, or words that end in o, ch, etc. Need help with The Possessives of Nouns Homework? Help me with possessive nouns!? What is the singular possessive noun for this sentence the slice that belongs to Kimberly its for homework? Answer Questions What fallacy is this? What is a predicate?

Choose three ideas you think are strongest. Possessives are so tricky until you really learn the rules, and even then it is easy to get confused by so many irregular nouns.

Possessive apostrophes are different from regular apostrophes, and they are only used to show possession. To form the possessive of a singular noun, whether it ends in an -s or not, add an apostrophe and an -s. For example, "this is the woman's room," "that For example, "this is the woman's room," "that is the bus's route," or "this is the man's closet.

Plural nouns are not difficult either, though there are two rules to remember. If a plural noun already ends in an -s, just add an apostrophe. For example, "the boys' room" which means the room belongs to more than one boy , "the ladies' room" which means the room belongs to more than one lady , or "the flags' stripes" which refers to the stripes on more than one flag.

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Overview: Apostrophes are used to form contractions and possessives. They denote missing letters in contractions, and who possesses the object in possessives. Many possessives have homonyms, so it is important whether to know which word to use.

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