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Sex Education Research paper

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❶They know they are being treated as adults so they are going to pay attention to what they are being taught and then act as adults and carry out what they were taught.

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Objectives for Sex Education Research Paper:
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Essay, term paper, research paper: Sex

Students get the feeling that the adults in their lives feel that they are responsible enough to learn about this topic, therefore bringing on more of a response from teenagers. They know they are being treated as adults so they are going to pay attention to what they are being taught and then act as adults and carry out what they were taught. Teenagers appreciate when adults treat them as equals, and anyone will see that children will always respond better to this than to being treated as a child.

Much of the typical family structure in the United States and many other places in the world have deteriorated over the last century. A good portion of parents today are divorced, and many of the families that haven't experienced divorce live with both parents working full time jobs. Families today aren't like the family on "Leave It to Beaver," a sitcom that aired in the sixties; the mother isn't home all day baking and making sure that the house is clean. Since family structure has changed, so have the way children are being raised.

Society can not count on all parents to instill morals into their children and teach them the facts of life, or even the difference between right and wrong these days.

Parents just don't have the time for it. Recently the Vatican released a document stating that "parents alone cannot give children the positive sex education they need to develop healthy attitudes towards sex" Euchner. Another view on the subject taken by the Nebraska Public School system is that sex education in today's society is too complicated to be left to "the varying influences of parental attitudes and haphazard environmental exposure" Chaumont. Besides, even if the parents were around more often then not, the chances of a child approaching their parent about the "bird and the bees" is very unlikely.

These children need to have a place were the information on this touchy subject is provided to them without them needing to ask. This is the only way for them to find out answers because they are to embarrassed to ask anyone else," says Pallodino, and eighteen year old from Virginia O'Hanlon.

In order for children to grow up with the correct information regarding sex, it is necessary to have sex education provided to them in schools. Even though sex education seems as if it can do no wrong, there still remains many opponents, including many authors who clearly express their view that are still against it in our schools. There are many reasons why people feel like this, two of which are they feel as if sex education does no good at all, and another is that people feel that it is influencing students to have sex.

Ellen Hopkins, author of "Sex is for Adults", says that sex education does many great things , except for the one thing we want it to do, which is make our children more responsible Hopkins She feels as though the information that students are receiving is not having any influence on them. The feeling that sex education classes are influencing teenagers to have sex is a feeling that is shared by William Kilpatrick.

He states that "as the statistics show, American teenagers are living up to expectation. They are having more sex and using more condoms" Kilpatrick These two individuals, along with many others, feel that sex education is doing more harm then it is good.

Teenage sexual activity has been raising steadily for more than two decades until now. A recent survey shows the first drop since the nineteen seventies. In , girls that had engaged in sexual intercourse was at fifty-five percent, until when it dropped to fifty percent.

The percentage of boys engaging in sexual intercourse also dropped by five percent. The use of condoms has tripled since the 's, showing that people are being safer about sex Vobejda. A poll done by Reuter's shows that eighty-two percent of the people who participated in the survey supported sex education in schools Yahoo.

Studies obviously show that sex education courses are helping today's teenagers to become more responsible for their own actions. The information that sex education provides to teenagers is indispensable. Schools are meant to educate our children in not just one topic, but all topics. We don't take that approach with history or math. Sexually educating our children is just as important if not more important than math or history because sex education can mean the difference between life and death of your child.

This is a free research paper on Sex Education topic. Keep in mind that all free research project samples and research paper examples are taken from open sources — they are plagiarized and cannot be used as your own research project. When a teenage girl is making out with her boyfriend and things start to grow intense, most just go along with sex because they think nothing will happen.

With this program you can help decrease more than "1,, US teenagers becoming pregnant each year, intentionally" Donavon Helping find the answer to a problem is a start, but solving the task takes time. Pregnancy is a major effect when young teens have unprotected sex but diseases also are being transferred between parties.

When I was in middle school we had a very small discussion on sex education. Truthfully, I remember very little because the program was very brief When I entered high school we had a little better explanation about diseases but I was still clue less.

Maybe if we taught these middle school students the effects and showed the pictures of affected people, they might actually consider using protection. Two students, male and female, are given a half glass of water. Each student pours their half into the partners cup and vice versa, "sharing body fluids," just like unprotected sexual intercourse Walrath.

Then the student break up and performs the experiment with a different partner. The more information you teach about the diseases caused by unprotected sex, the more teens will think before having unprotected sex. Diseases can change the minds of young teenagers but there are many different types of protection they should be aware of so there is an option if sexual intercourse happens. I know my high school health teacher told me about condoms and birth control but most teens are scared to ask about these contraceptives.

Young teens think that if they ask about condoms or birth control, questions about having sex will come to the adult"s mind. At Planned Parenthood free condoms are given to sexually active teens and even birth control methods. Places like these are good for these teens because "confidentiality," is a must with sexual active teenagers.

Your school can help by making the students aware of these places. Even if your program shows a teem how to use a condom, telling them places to get them will lead to a higher use of protection. Students need to know their options so they can use protection. Teach these students that if they do decide to have sex, there are ways to prevent diseases and pregnancy but where is the respect in a sexual situation. Respect is a factor that teenagers really don"t understand.

Any girl can say no to sex and a guy should respect that decision. He tries to change the girl"s mind and usually, in the end, the girl gives in to his persuasion. If teens give respect, they usually get it back.

Also personal hygiene gives a teenager respect for themselves. This is your body and it"s wonderful; cherish it and make good decisions for yourself , " Glazer Respect is the most important part in a relationship and teachers should promote respect for others and themselves.

Respect makes you feel good inside and helps build maturity. If students are taught aspects of respect, they will start showing respect. Respect is received when someone understands your decision but when abstinence is the answer, sex education is successful. Everyone knows abstinence is the best answer to sexual intercourse.

One girl stated in a YM survey that "she"s afraid to get pregnant," YM When abstinence is presented as a key to safer sex, many ignore the issue. Abstinence needs to be taught after all the effects of unprotected sex. More teens will think about waiting to have sex after seeing what can happen to them physically and mentally.

Abstinence is " the only certain way," to avoid pregnancy and diseases Shin Even if a teenager has had sex, you can still convince them to practice abstinence. Just because a teen has already had sex doesn"t mean abstinence isn"t a solution. Every program has abstinence, so should yours. Sex education should be taught in every District middle school to make the children aware and help them with future decisions.

You can help decrease the pregnancy rate, teach kids to be aware of diseases, present them with types of protection, show them respect is a must, and always promote abstinence. Sex education programs are becoming a part of more middle school curricula and if you start a program many will follow. The idea of a sex education program in your middle schools is a good decision. Works Cited Donovan, Patricia. How Well Does it Work?

June 23, , Vol. Sexually Active, Sexually Illiterate. Interview February 3, Broadmoor Junior High, 7th Grade. Sex education Essay, term paper, research paper: Sex See all college papers and term papers on Sex.

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