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Essay on Positive and Negative Effects of Industrial Revolution

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❶This was one positive effect of the revolution. And that is not all, because there was no are the children were not put to work in, including operating and cleaning heavy machinery.

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Positive and negative effects of the Industrial Revolution Essay Sample

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Clearly, the Industrial Revolution had a huge impact on European society with both positive and negative effects. The Industrial Revolution had many positive effects. Overall, the increase in quality, quantity, and efficiency of goods were the main positive impacts of the Industrial Revolution.

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The Industrial Revolution impacted society both positively and negatively with the good always comes the bad. It had The Industrial Revolution affected the whole stability of a population, not only the economy.

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DBQ- Positive and Negative Effects of Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution began in England in the late ’s. The Industrial Revolution was a time of new inventions, products, and methods of work. If society had missed out on the Industrial revolution, life would lack technology, transportation, the need for education, and other modern conveniences. (3) Therefore, the Industrial Revolution had a positive effect on American society.

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Positive Aspects Compared to the Negative Aspects of the Industrial Revolution The era known as the Industrial Revolution was a period in which fundamental changes occurred in agriculture, textile and metal manufacture, transportation, economic policies and the social structure in England. Essay on Positive and Negative Effects of Industrial Revolution The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution marks a period of widespread urbanization and long strides in technology and industry, which in turn brought about major lifestyle changes among the masses.