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Essay on Drought: Top 9 Essays | India | Natural Calamities | Geography

Essays on Drought

❶Drought is a very serious condition and from the past there are many such examples which show how it affects us.

Long and Short Essay on Drought in English

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Water shortage also affects all life forms equally. Subsistence farmers have to migrate into some other place in order to feed his family. Drought causes social unrest. Mass migrations from drought effected area to other places increases international refugees all over. People who are stuck due to inability to migrate are affected by malnutrition, hunger, etc. Mainly due to famine generated by crop failure, millions of people have died in the past.

Drought in desert areas increases dust storms. However drought at present is somewhat manageable and it have been lessened by certain steps to whatever extent possible. Earlier due to lack of transportation ease, food was not been able to deliver to the needy areas properly. At least now this problem has been under control up to an extent.

Building dams can also provide water at the time of need. Rainwater harvesting is a must and every person can do it in their own ways. Especially in places where such conditions of water shortages prevail, every person must take initiative to preserve rainwater. Hydrological droughts are often a result of two successive meteorological droughts.

These are divided into two categories:. As the name suggests, this situation involves inadequate soil moisture that hinders crop growth. This is an outcome of meteorological drought as it leads to lower water supply to soil and greater water loss due to evaporation. When the meteorological or hydrological droughts lead to negative impacts on the crop yield in a region, it is said to be hit by agricultural drought.

This is said to be the most severe drought situation. People in such regions do not get any access to food and there is mass starvation and devastation. The government needs to intervene in such a situation and food is supplied to these places from other places.

This situation occurs when there is a decrease in the availability of food and loss of income due to the failure of crop and the social security and access to food for the people in such areas is at risk. Drought is a difficult situation to deal with especially if the severity is high. Several people are affected due to drought each year.

While the occurrence of drought is a natural phenomenon, we can certainly reduce the human activities that lead to such a situation. Government must also come up with effective measures to deal with its after effects. Drought, a condition that occurs due to no or very low rainfall, has been classified into different categories including meteorological drought, famine, socio-economic drought, hydrological drought and agricultural drought.

Whatever be the type of drought, it disturbs the normal functioning of the regions affected. The regions hit by drought take a good amount of time to recover from the disaster caused, particularly if the severity of the drought is high.

Drought disrupts the day-to-day lives of the people and has a widespread impact on various sectors. Here is how this natural disaster impacts the lives of the people living in the affected region:.

A major impact occurs on the agriculture and other related sectors as these are directly dependent on the ground and surface water. Loss of crop yields, low rate of livestock production, rise in plant disease and wind erosion are some of the major impacts of drought. Farmers are worst effected by drought.

The crops in the drought hit areas do not yield and the farmers whose sole income is generated through farming are worst affected by this situation. In an attempt to make their ends meet, many farmers end up in debt.

The cases of farmer suicides due to such situation are also common. The cases of forest fires increase during droughts and this puts the wildlife population at high risk. Forests get burnt down and many wild animals end up losing life while others lose their shelter. The prices of various cereals, fruits, vegetables rise because of low supply and high demand. The prices of food items such as jams, sauces and drinks that are produced from those particular fruits and vegetables also increase.

In certain cases, goods are imported from other places to meet the demands of the people and hence the prices levied on the same are high. The retailers who offer goods and services to the farmers also face financial loss due to reduced business. The soil loses moisture due to continuous drought and its quality degrades.

It takes a lot of time for some areas to regain the ability to yield crops. Damage is caused to various species of plants and animals, there is degradation of landscape quality and biodiversity is impacted.

The quality of air and water is also affected due to drought. While some of these conditions are temporary others may last long and might even turn permanent. Lack of food and increased prices of different commodities may give rise to crimes such as theft and this can put public safety at stake. Newspapers carry horrible tales of children having been sold by starving parents.

These children end up as bonded labourers or get forced into yet more degrading occupations. Their schooling gets disrupted and any hopes for their future lie shattered. Unlike earthquakes or cyclones, droughts can be predicted much in advance. They give ample time for the State authorities to prepare for and cope with the problems raised by drought.

The quantity and duration of rainfall can be predicted by Meteorological Department with fair degree of accuracy. The intensity and impact of droughts can be countered through a series of preventive as well as curative measures. It is very important that through small scale and cottage industry promotion, the dependence on agriculture should be drastically reduced in drought prone areas.

Rain water harvesting projects executed through community cooperation have been a great success in some parts of Rajasthan. The success model need to be repeated in other regions too.

Water is a very scarce commodity in some parts of the country. And yet some people who can afford tend to waste it. Bathing through buckets and mugs consumes much less water than showers or tubs. Water from the bathroom can be led into the garden. Cars can be swapped rather than being washed by jet. Students should make people aware of these and even monitor that no wasteful practices are followed.

Rain water falling on roofs and open spaces can be harvested. Instead of it flowing into the drain, it could be redirected into a well or even the bore- well. Plantation of trees and caring for them is something that each one can do, it would go a long way in recharging ground water reserves with whatever water is received through rains.

Care must be taken in choosing trees to be planted. The ones like Eucalyptus absorb all the water around them and must be avoided in arid regions. Long before the system of piped water in homes came into existence, there used to be a variety of water resources.

Through neglect overtime, many of them have dried up or become out of use. Now that we are all feeling the crunch of water scarcity, we have to reenergize those sources. Naturally occurring water holes are common phenomena in hilly regions.

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Drought is a condition of no rains when the standing crops, mostly rain-fed, gets dried up and is destroyed. The causes of drought includes the followings.

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Essay on Drought: Definition, Causes, Regions and Other Details! The most common cause for drought is failure of rains. The tanks, wells and similar underground water reserves remain unchanged. As a result there is not enough water available through hand pumps, wells and other traditional sources.

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Free drought papers, essays, and research papers. Consequences of the Drought in the Central Valley - On the heart (center) of California is a flat area with miles and miles of . Drought means the acute dryness resulting from the failure of rain. When drought occurs, a dry of alarm sweeps over the country. Related Articles: Essay on Drought.

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