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This web site serves as a clearing house for information, sources and speculation about the Norton family. So much of our information has come from cousins who have said, "Have you heard the story about Feel free to comment and share your family's story.

The history of this family is truely a tapestry woven by thousands of cousins. Contact Scott Norton snorton nortonfamily. Norton is literally "North town".

There are about 36 Norton villages in the Doomsday Book. I've made a list of them here. In addition there were areas that were so devastated from war that they were not counted. Notable is Durham that is simply recorded as "wasted" in the Doomsday book. So far we have had several big successes in proving and disproving paper research. The first is to identify STR signature markers, which may help guide future testing and place you in the correct cluster.

This can save you money on future SNP testing as well as help you identify who you should recruit for additional SNP testing and as potential people to work with in funding additional SNP testing. There are many STRs that are critical to cluster groupings that are not in the first This is how I started building my first project, finding these people and it has proven out that we have about people identified now. Excellent example Mike - thank you.

To clarify, the identification of such "signature markers" for a particular genetic group within a project would only be possible via the Project Administrator - this is not something that the individual would be able to do on his own. This points to the need for close liaison between individual participants and their Project Administrators, particularly haplogroup project admins, who have a much greater overview of the totality of the data than individuals or surname project admins do.

I would imagine that usually it is the haplogroup project admin that identifies the "signature markers". It would be necessary for that Admin to then notify the Admins of the relevant surname projects impacted by this "signature marker" discovery. But how often does that happen? Is there close enough liaison between surname and haplogroup project admins? Or do they suspect that they do different things and there is no synergy between their various activities?

What do you think? The second reason is the "killer". If one is deeply interested in this hobby you don't want to miss what you could have easily known. Remember, you are almost doubling your marker set when going to 67 so a lot can happen in the STR panel. Same goes for , which is actually a smoother behaving set of STRs a mini-reason to go to We don't know what we don't know which is why we test Why wouldn't you go to 67 and STRs?

You'll never know what you might be missing unless you test. The only reasons not to upgrade are budgetary. Do I have the money and do I care? I submit that many hobbyists spend more on their monthly phone or cable TV bills than one of these upgrades. I shutter at some of the restaurant bills I pick up at family nights out.

Anyway, budgetary reasoning is personal so it is up to each of us, but if one is passionate about genetic genealogy you might as well bite the bullet. Most of who post have done so. If money isn't a major problem, then there really is no reason not to upgrade.

It's a hobby, so you are entitled to spend money on it just as teenage children used to buy CD's or now buy music or Apps for their "devices".

In addition, upgrading to 67 and markers benefits others in the community So I encourage all surname project administrators to identify those haplogroup and geographic projects that might benefit from their project participants membership and then exhort their project members to join them. Thanks for writing this article which is very timely for me who is confused about the benefits of upgrading when I'm not getting any close matched on the Y I have also done the autosomal to no avail.

The sample is 9 years old - should I worry about sustainability? What do you suggest? They may send you a new kit free of charge in order to collect a fresh sample. I appreciate your article. It seems to me that no one cares about STR testing anymore except for the financial benefit! My previous test at 23andme autosomal showed me out to L48, so what's up with that?

It is all SNPs after that,apparently. Family tree DNA is all about the money,in my opinion. I did 3 different family surnames and have found 2 total close matches that I am still unable to connect on paper!

IF these project managers are doing anything, I would be surprised. This is very much valuable content, i am a newbie to this and thanks for sharing this info. This is very helpful to me. Thanks for sharing such informative post. I would like to use genetic testing to learn about my ethnic ancestry.

My family is from Guyana and the inhabitants are descendants of indentured servants and slaves brought from Asia and Africa. There are no ancestral records available. I don't particularly care about finding current relatives. Would it be beneficial from me to upgrade to the 67 or markers test? Thanks for explaining this so clearly - just what I was looking for. I've got a test that has few matches at 25 and none at 37, and am looking for an adoptee My father has tested to 67 and I am wondering if I should get his ordered or the big y.

Im concerned he only has enough sample left for one test or the other, and ordering another saliva sample is not an option. His 6th great grandfather is unknown and I'm trying to pinpoint which person it is. My brother had the 37 markers done and we found out that our great grandfather was most likely adopted, as he is not biologically related to his paternal line.

However, his father brought him into the marriage with his stepmother.. Will going up to the markers helped us with finding out more about his biological paternal line? Look at the list of surnames in your brother's Y37 results. Is there one surname that predominates? This may be the surname of your great grandfather's biological father. You may have to upgrade to 67 or markers in order to see the signal more clearly.

Also, SNP testing might help place him on the human evolutionary tree and this could help you see what surnames are "nearby" i. If you have done a Y-DNA test with FamilyTreeDNA, you may be wondering if there is any point in testing a higher number of markers 67 or and what would be the benefit of such testing.

Is it worth doing it? And if so, why? Well the answer is yes, but only under certain circumstances. Outside of these circumstances you might be better spending your hard-earned cash on a different DNA test We will look at each of them in turn, but before we do let's mention a few key considerations about Y-DNA testing in general, how matches are identified, and some of the pitfalls involved in the process.

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The St. Clair - Sinclair DNA research project helps family members solve genealogy brick walls and find out where they connect to our ancient family.

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Norton Family of Kentucky and earlier Virginia, including Thomas Norton, William Norton, John Norton, James Norton, David Norton and sisters Sarah, Elizabeth and Milly Norton. Also sources for 13 Norton families emigrating to Virginia before

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