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Five tips to get kids to focus on homework

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❶I'm going to do it to make my teachers happy and to make myself a better person. Without a plan, it can sometimes be pretty hard to stay on task.

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As soon as you have completed a task, put a check next to it-you can even have several check boxes for different parts of the task. Being able to put a tick next to something and think: I've done this, is a great feeling, and can encourage you to keep going. If you really can't figure something out, put it aside for a while. Staring at something useless only gets you frustrated and it takes lots of time.

Starting another task makes you feel a little better a fresh start-feeling and you'll probably feel a lot better when you begin some other time. Know when to call it quits. Looking at a late night of homework? Try to never work longer than an hour or maybe two past your normal sleep time. Do as much as possible, and finish up in the morning if you've got some leftover. If you can't finish, plan better next time. Your work will start to suffer as you get more tired, and you'll hurt your focus for the next day as well.

Once you start mixing your work time and sleep time, you'll have trouble planning, budgeting time, and estimating your workload. Take regular short breaks. Instead of one super long break, take a few short breaks in between different assignments. Maybe have a five minute break for a snack after minutes of work. Take five minutes to stretch, pop outside for a walk, or do something active, instead of just sitting and checking Facebook.

It's important to make sure that you aren't sitting at a desk for hours and hours at a time. When you don't take breaks, the work can seem kind of endless. Productivity and concentration suffer, because you end up wasting some time doing other things like going on social media, doodling, or just doing poor work.

Be careful with caffeine. Caffeine gives some students a much-needed jolt of concentration juice. For others, it's a fast-track to jittering around like a squirrel on speed. Don't drink more than the normal amount of coffee or caffeinated drink you usually consume. It will make concentrating harder. Better than caffeine is just staying hydrated. Drink water or juice instead to make sure your brain is functioning on all levels.

Try working on homework with other people. Sometimes it can be helpful to work out in the open where there are other people, or to study in a big group. They can be helpful in keeping you accountable. As long as you're not sharing answers, working on homework together isn't cheating. Really, it's just smart time management and study skills. Give yourself a treat when you're done. It's important to give yourself a reward for the hard work you're doing, each time you finish a task.

Working toward a fun activity, treat, or some leisure time helps to motivate you to finish your work quickly, which means you'll have to concentrate. Cut some colored paper into strips or squares and write all of your assignments you have for that day. Put these in one pile. Create another pile with an equal number of rewards. Put checking your phone or Facebook page on one, playing a game for 10 minutes, watching the new episode on TV, or anything that you want to do or would do in your free time.

When you finish one task, pick a treat from the pile of rewards. This is a great way to get work done and enjoy the things you like to do.

Don't get too carried away with the rewards. Only one episode TV, not the rest of the season. How long should a break be, and what's a good way of refreshing my brain during that break?

Take a five to ten minute break once an hour, and use it to go outside, stretch or have a light, healthy snack. Not Helpful 1 Helpful Look up and repeat to yourself what you have read or written so far. Then think about what is next, and continue your task. Each time this happens, keep going -- don't let it distract you.

Also, make sure you get enough sleep, as it can be hard to focus when you are tired. Not Helpful 58 Helpful Have a nap first. Eat a healthy snack. If you need reading glasses, then wear them. Sit comfortably without slouching. And be sure to get sufficient sleep every night. Not Helpful 75 Helpful How can I do my homework when it's extremely hard, confusing, and brain-racking?

Calm down and take short breaks so you don't get upset. Your parents may be willing to hire you a tutor. Not Helpful 56 Helpful Put a block on you favorite websites so you can't use them until you are done. Not Helpful 64 Helpful Take a nap before you start, then every hour, have a tiny bit of something sweet or a sip of something caffeinated to keep you awake. Be sure to ingest only enough to keep you awake.

Or you could start homework earlier or finish it in the morning. Not Helpful 72 Helpful How can I focus on doing homework on my computer while I really want to watch videos? If the videos are mainly music, then you could try playing them in the background, if you can handle that. But another, probably better option is to use them as small motivations.

Tell yourself that after a certain amount of pages or problems, you can watch x amount of videos and then get back to work. Not Helpful 49 Helpful If you can't find a quiet place to study, try asking other people if they can be quiet or shutting your door.

If this fails to help, get noise canceling headphones to block out noise in a noisy area. Alternatively, head to the library or a friend's house for some peace and quiet. I am often distracted by my own body, for example cleaning my nails, pulling the hair off my skin, picking at the skin of my fingers. How can I get rid of this type of distraction? Ignore everything around you, if you need to, put your hands under your desk and don't mess with them, finish the chapter and then take a small 10 minute break so you don't get demotivated.

Not Helpful 80 Helpful Just think about the the fun things you can do after you finish your homework. Not Helpful 93 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Amazingly, you will have more free time if you do it now instead of later.

Whatever you do, don't put it off. It'll make you want to do it less. If you're in a mood where you don't want to do your homework, think about all the fun you will have when you are done. Don't sit next to an annoying sibling. Concentrate on your work, not your friends. If you get called, tell them you will call them back.

Make sure to be in a clean room so that you won't make the excuse of "tidying up" instead of your work. Don't work where there is any TV, cooking, or nasty smells. Before sitting down to do your work, consider doing some exercise, such as running or jumping. Do this for a few minutes to get your blood flowing. Some studies have shown that a view of nature can increase your productivity and concentration. Try to get a view of your backyard through a window, but make sure there is nothing distracting outside.

A few pictures on the wall or a flower in a vase will also help a little. Change into something comfortable. If an assignment took longer than expected, you can adjust your time as you go.

Make sure you do the assignments in the order you have decided. Don't be tempted to do something easy right away, as you will need to devote better concentration to harder assignments. If you're eating something like, say, a mini bowl of pretzel sticks or carrot sticks, that's okay. If you're eating something that needs two hands or is a dessert, than you should probably finish the snack, and then study.

Eating is actually a form of distraction, so the less done during actual studying, the better! Not Helpful 39 Helpful If you are bored, take a quick 5 minute break for snacks or a drink and clear your mind with some deep breaths. Then get right back to your work. If you are still bored, some people find fidget toys or stress balls keep them focused while working. Seek help from a non-distracting friend or guardian if you're having homework trouble. Not Helpful 4 Helpful A lot of things you will do in life will feel "really boring", and many of those things will relate to your future job.

This is a great opportunity to train yourself to deal with it, in spite of your desire to do something more interesting. Think about the consequences of not doing the homework as a form of motivation, use colors and Post-It notes to brighten up your work and highlight important points, and take breaks now and then to give yourself a rest. Also remember that your classmates are suffering just as much as you!

Not Helpful 69 Helpful Put your phone in a different room or have a parent take it away while you are working. You can also turn your phone off instead, and then turn it back one when you are done studying.

Not Helpful 40 Helpful The smallest things can distract me like the wall - even if it's bare , how can I stop that? Not Helpful 10 Helpful What if you procrastinate a lot while doing homework, how do you stop? The next time that you're about to procrastinate, stop yourself and imagine what would happen if you had to stay up all night to do it. Then say that if you can avoid doing that, then avoid it. Chances are, the great idea of getting enough sleep will be enough to make you stand up, walk over to your homework, sit down, and do it.

Not Helpful 76 Helpful I have a problem with procrastinating. Even when I try to think of the consequences, I still end up procrastinating. How can I fix that? I can totally relate to that! Just tell yourself, "I'm going to finish this. I'm going to do it to make my teachers happy and to make myself a better person. If I do this, it will affect my future in a positive way. Not Helpful 23 Helpful What if I need to use a device and all the distractions are very tempting to just turn off?

There are some programs do an online search that can temporarily block you from certain sites. You can choose which sites and for how long to do so. If you cannot find any programs or apps that seem to work, some devices have settings where you can turn off push notifications, and that would be more helpful than nothing. Not Helpful 47 Helpful I'm concerned about a friend who is more in video game playing than her studies -- she is easily distracted.

Encourage her to do homework with you to make sure she stays on track. Do practice tests together to keep her focused and to make it fun and to see how much she knows.

That way, she might get into a routine of doing her homework. Not Helpful 26 Helpful Write down to-do things on a list so that you can stop worrying about them. Deal with anything outstanding that is bothering you, such as returning a library book or calling in on a sick friend. Then you can clear the decks for study -- clean your desk, place electronics in another room and ensure that there is good lighting.

If you like music while studying, put some classical music on to distract your thoughts and to you focused on the homework. Not Helpful 31 Helpful How do I set a homework schedule and stick to it? Answer this question Flag as If I'm supposed to type up a research paper on a certain subject and I keep getting interested with something else, like searching different topics, what should I do?

How do I focus on homework if it is very boring and I don't have much time? How do I stop worrying about the amount of homework i have to do? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Quick Summary To focus on homework better, plan to work when you focus your best. Did this summary help you? Tips Keep your work space clear. Have a drink and healthy snack near you so you don't get feel tempted to get up to get them. Log out of all social networks, e. Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Its best to just disconnect WiFi!

Let your family know that you are doing your homework. If there are younger siblings in the house, you might want to get some earplugs, or put them down for a nap.

Work at a desk or table and use a comfortable chair. Start your homework at a time when you focus best. Keep the window open for fresh air. Turn off your computer and any other distracting electronics. This will help you focus. Don't choose a place where you're laying down, this can make you sleepy. If you know you'll be tempted to turn on your phone and go on it, ask one of your parents to keep it until you're finished doing your homework. Take a minute before you start to get a snack, but make sure not to "get distracted"!

If using Android, download the "Time Limit Lock" app which locks your screen for a set amount of time, and which cannot be unlocked until the time runs out. Give yourself a few breaks to walk around. A little exercise can be refreshing, just make sure it doesn't distract you. If you constantly feel bored or don't have proper motivation, try timing yourself. It will give you a reason to keep going and trying your best. If you have an assignment that will take a long time over 1 hour don't do it all at once.

Do at least one other subject after taking a break. Then consider finishing it. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read , times. Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Nikki Seinpaal Oct 13, All the don'ts that are mentioned in the article are the things I struggled with for a long time, so thanks a lot! A Anonymous Jun 1, It helps me a lot when i need to focus.

CH Cormac Holland Sep 11, DS Denia Sanchez Mar 8, I felt really tired and frustrated, so I procrastinated. I hope that I will be more focused from now on. JM Jorja May Sep 17,

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Recently, a SOAR ® subscriber asked for tips to help her daughter stay on-task with her homework. Just last night, a student in my Homework Action Group complained of the same problem. “I have a hard time staying focused on homework.

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Homework can be a tough job for both kids and parents. Here are tips to help your child focus and get it done -- well.

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Tips for how to help kids focus on homework: Choose the Right Location For younger kids, it’s best to choose a space that is in a central location so parents can help them out while prepping for dinner or tidying the house. No matter how hard I try to actually focus on it, after a half hour, my mind tells me, "No more! so you can work on homework during a time when you can concentrate. you learn can help you.

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Feb 25,  · Best Answer: don't worry i can't concertart much either. but this is how i make myself concerntrate. first i think of something i REALLY want to do. then i set my mind on my homework. if my mind wanders i go ' listen i desperately want to go on the computer, the quicker i Status: Resolved. Why can't I focus on doing my homework? Update Cancel. ad by Chartio. and then your focus will be even worse, and so on. I hope the relaxation techniques I suggested help you to manage your stress and focus a little better. Remember, your homework is important, but so is your mental health! Why I can’t concentrate on my homework?